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User Manual

Here you can find the EMSA Web Tool User Guide.

In order for the users to be able to get the most of the tool, this user guide has been created, where it appears information concerning:
      • How should users introduce access the tool, depending if they want to become and Energy Angel or if they want to perform an assessment of a certain company.
      • How the Energy Angel’s platform works.
      • The introduction of information and the contact details of a user into the tool.
      • Steps to follow in order to relate an Energy Angel with a company that wants to perform an assessment.
      • Details about how a company should introduce their information in order to perform an accurate assessment, as well as the most relevant information that needs to be implemented.
      • Results that will appear for a company once the assessment has been completed.

Download the EMSA Web Tool User Guide here:  

User Manual

*If you have any problem please contact your assigned Energy Angel or fill the contact form of the tool.